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Online Chess VS Computer Chess

What is the difference between online Chess vs. computer Chess? Although both formats allow you to play chess with the assistance of sophisticated software, there are a number of distinctions, including the following:

    1. Online chess is primarily for playing with other people living in various parts of the world, while computer chess is mainly for playing with a computer opponent.
    2. You need a device separate from your computer if you want to play on a computerized chess set. With online chess, you only need a device that lets you access the Internet.
    3. Computer chess focuses more on solo training. Online chess is about building connections with other players.

There is no better format between online Chess vs. computer Chess. If you cannot decide whether to go online to play with another human being or to purchase a computer chess set that allows you to analyze your game, figure out why you want to play chess first.

For serious training and practice, computer chess is your better bet, but if you want to play with a real person but you cannot find one near you, go online instead.

Online Chess vs Computer Chess: Free and Fee-Based

There are various websites that offer free and fee-based online chess games. Some websites require users to register, or download special software to enable the interface to run on their computer. Other websites are Java-enabled so users can play chess on their Internet browsers. There are various chess servers that allow thousands of users to play chess online. The Internet Chess Club is one of the most popular fee-based chess servers that lets users play different levels of chess and watch, learn from and even play against more than a thousand Grandmasters and International Masters.

The Free Internet Chess Server, on the other hand, is completely free, but requires users to download CClient for them to play online chess. Chess.com has a similar arrangement, but requires a one-time fee for the chess interface. One good thing about online Chess vs. computer Chess, however, is that a lot of these chess servers have caught up on social networking websites and are providing more online venues to play online chess with other players for free.

Online Chess vs. Computer Chess: Chess on Facebook

Facebook, for instance, has several chess applications that you can access without paying anything. The Chess.com app on Facebook is absolutely free, and has most of the features available in the fee-based interface, including the ability to play live online chess, have access to chess tutorials and interact with other chess players.

Users can also join in discussions posted on the online forum exclusive to app users. More than 250,000 chess enthusiasts play chess on the Chess.com Facebook app. Another popular chess game on Facebook is the Chess app, which is used by around 180,000 chess players from all over the world. Players place a bet of a certain amount and ask others to play. Whoever wins the game collects the other players bets and gains points equivalent to these bets. Instant Chess on Facebook also lets you play with random players chosen by a computer or challenge your own friends to a match.

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