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Chess Strategies For Winning

There’s a big difference between Chess strategies and Chess tactics, although both cannot be implemented properly without the other.

Strategy is concerned with the long-term evaluation of your game and the establishments of goals that help you win the game. On the other hand, tactics are the immediate move-to-move maneuvers that are based on your Chess strategies.

To be a strong contender, you have to be familiar with a number of these strategies that are used to establish powerful offensives and formidable defenses and lead to a checkmate.

Chess Strategies For Winning

Control the Center

In both classical and hypermodern schools of chess, the center of the board is one of the most advantageous places to take hold of. This is one of the earliest actions to carry out because it allows more mobility when staging an attack or building a defense.

Occupying all center squares is not necessary; simply position your pawns or pieces so that they attack the center squares…

Get More Space

This is one of those Chess strategies that give you the advantage of freedom over your opponent. Space on the chess board can simply be measured by the number of squares that your pieces are attacking. If you are threatening more spaces, you have the upper hand when it comes to exerting your influence across the chess board.

Don’t Rush the Queen

Being the most powerful chess piece is not easy because the queen tends to be the subject of attacks as your opponent will certainly exert everything to topple your mightiest weapon. One of the best plans of action you can use is to keep the queen inactive until you have developed your knights and bishops. This helps you avoid losing tempo by dodging attacks on the queen by weaker structures.

Keep Your King Safe Early on

Generally, it is best to castle your king early to avoid premeditated attacks from the other side of the board. This is one of the more important things that even your kids should know. Once the king is safely tucked away, do not allow your opponent to open a file on your king. At the endgame, the king is very powerful but can be vulnerable when there are plenty of other pieces with more mobility.


Get Initiative

Moving your pieces simply to defend them can hinder you from developing your pieces and laying out your Chess strategies. It also leads to lots of lost tempo while your opponent gains the advantage. To prevent this from happening, it is important that you get hold of the initiative by doing the attacking instead of defending.

Exchange Pieces Strategically

Attempt to capture opponent pieces that are worth more than pieces that you would like to give up. If you have the initiative, stay away from trading pieces because this tends to weaken your attacks.

Similarly, avoid exchanges when your opponent’s side is cramped because it puts you in a position difficult to maneuver until some of the pieces free up…

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