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Powerful Chess Openings Everyone Needs To Know

There are several different Chess openings any beginning Chess player needs to learn, and many hundreds of variants for each single sequence of movements. It does seem overwhelming to learn all of these at once. In fact, trying to remember so many different movements without even understanding the principle behind …

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Chess Strategies For Winning

There’s a big difference between Chess strategies and Chess tactics, although both cannot be implemented properly without the other. Strategy is concerned with the long-term evaluation of your game and the establishments of goals that help you win the game. On the other hand, tactics are the immediate move-to-move maneuvers …

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Four Common Chess Opening Strategies For Beginners

Over hundreds of years, Chess players have invented, mastered and modified hundreds of different Chess openings that are used to develop the game in so many different ways. You certainly don’t have to memorize all of these openings, but it is important that you master some of the most basic …

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How to Set up an Improvement Plan?

If you want to improve in something you first have to identify what holds you back to act on a higher level. If you have a coach then ask him/her what your weak points are. When you are on your own, an honest break down of your games and/or achievements …

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What It Takes To Be Good At Chess

Maybe you are a beginner, or even a practiced chess player, and you keep losing to your opponent every time. Being a skillful chess player is just like any other skill, meaning that it has to be acquired. It just takes a little effort, persistently applied over time to understand …

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