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What It Takes To Be Good At Chess

Maybe you are a beginner, or even a practiced chess player, and you keep losing to your opponent every time. Being a skillful chess player is just like any other skill, meaning that it has to be acquired. It just takes a little effort, persistently applied over time to understand …

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Essential Chess Rules

When a king is in check and can’t in any way escape, he is Checkmated. It’s the object of the game. Black wins- below. White is checkmated. The white king can’t take the queen because she’s protected by the black king, and the white king may not move to a …

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Chess Strategies For Winning

How to Play Chess for Beginners: Chess Pieces

Each of the pieces have special properties and strengths.  Some are more powerful and valuable than other pieces. There is a long standing tradition of placing a point value on each pieces. Often that point value is expressed in its value as compared to a pawn.  It is easy to …

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