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Online Chess VS Computer Chess

What is the difference between online Chess vs. computer Chess? Although both formats allow you to play chess with the assistance of sophisticated software, there are a number of distinctions, including the following: Online chess is primarily for playing with other people living in various parts of the world, while …

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Powerful Chess Openings Everyone Needs To Know

There are several different Chess openings any beginning Chess player needs to learn, and many hundreds of variants for each single sequence of movements. It does seem overwhelming to learn all of these at once. In fact, trying to remember so many different movements without even understanding the principle behind …

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Four Common Chess Opening Strategies For Beginners

Over hundreds of years, Chess players have invented, mastered and modified hundreds of different Chess openings that are used to develop the game in so many different ways. You certainly don’t have to memorize all of these openings, but it is important that you master some of the most basic …

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Kids Chess For Better Life Skills

There are many reasons to teach kids Chess because there are many ways children can benefit from this mind-stimulating game. Several studies have shown that children who are involved with chess have better academic performance in both mathematics and language subjects. As a regular chess player yourself, you ought to …

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What is a Chess Rating?

The USCF keeps track of all chess players nationwide, their wins and losses, and tabulates them into ratings. Ratings are a numerical value that indicates a player’s strength.  They use a well accepted method based on the Elo System, named after its inventor. The highest rated players who play for …

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Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to Play Chess

There are a number of benefits associated with chess games for kids that make introducing the game to children a necessity. There are a number of ways to get children involved with the game of chess such as chess clubs at local libraries, schools and other areas of the community. …

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Essential Chess Rules

When a king is in check and can’t in any way escape, he is Checkmated. It’s the object of the game. Black wins- below. White is checkmated. The white king can’t take the queen because she’s protected by the black king, and the white king may not move to a …

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Some Brief Ideas and Notes About Chess Game Matches

Chess game matches have been around, in one form or another, since ancient times. While its exact roots have never been completely determined, the most widely accepted theory is that the game began in India, where it slowly migrated to Europe through Persia by way of merchant caravans. In fact, …

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Basic Chess Tactics For Beginners

Today we are going to help you in knowing the basics of chess tactics. What we are going to discuss about basics of chess tactics today: What are Chess Tactics? A Chess Tactic is a combination of well-coordinated moves in a short period of time which helps a player attain …

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